how to: retouching strategy

-who is your subject
-what is important about the subject?
-what stage in life, job, love, etc?
-define what is your strategy plan of attack

Remove Distractions:
-removal of in camera dust or dead pixels from the image
-fly away hair
-distracting backgrounds

Enhance and Improve Features:
-removal of dark circles
-removal of blemishes
-removal of hot spots (shiny areas: nose, forehead, etc)
-softening of lines in the face
-removal of red eye (there should not have been red eye)
-whitening of the teeth and/or eyes
-balance and shape the hair, mouth, eyes (liquify)
straighten teeth, make lips fuller
-refine makeup

Color Correct Image, Enhance Lighting:
-darken background
-blur background
-refine lighting add shape and dimension to your subject
-enhance lighting
-darken or lighten the background for emphasis (vignette)

Creative Interpretation:
-add soft focus effect
-sharpen features (hair, eyes, lips)
-color the hair
-enlarge the eyes
-selective color/b&w
-painterly filter effects
-borders, edge alteration

Sharpen eyes before softening skin

Evaluate the Image:
-you worked in layers so if you see a problem you
should be able to rework without starting from the beginning.

The Print:
-duplicate the image

Work using layers

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